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Corporate Website Design and Re-branding

Financial Advisor

This website design and corporate re-branding project was inspired by the client's vision as well as the service he strives to deliver; guiding his clients towards financial security with care, respect, and consideration, whatever their stage of life.

Vital to the success of any project is the briefing process undertaken before starting work, beginning with answering a detailed series of questions.

That process, when carried out with precision will have benefits far beyond the limits of the project itself.

My briefing forms, developed and refined over time, can  transform your entire business. The process of answering the questions delivers the clarity and the vision needed to identify achievable goals. These questionnaires are available for you now, whether or not you're planning to commission work. I guarantee that the time spent will pay dividends.

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I worked with the client to pinpoint their niche and their target market; defined as families in the local community. From there I identified three steps to delivering results for those customers; insight, growth, security.

The branding style emerged by combining this objective with the unique nature of the business premises; the office is sheltered by a healthy, nurtured, mature tree.

A highly visible landmark, the tree is more valuable, unique and beautiful than the usual, predictable signs, hoardings and sandwich boards.

Realising that the staff's dogs, who accompany their owners to the office daily, are appropriate to the company's image, I elected to include them in the brand.

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